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Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University

International Journal of Social Sciences
( ISSN:2564-7695 eISSN:2564-6486 )

Instructions for Authors

Page layout: All pages should have page numbers at right-below corner. Pages should be A4, and 2,5cm spaces from all sides. The text should be justified.

Main Title: First letters of each Word should be capital, Times New Roman, 14 Points, bold, single line and aligned center. 30 nk spaced over, 12 nk spaced below the main title is required. In Turkish articles, English title should be just over the “Abstract” title, like Turkish title but 12 points, 12 nk over and 6 nk spaced below. Turkish title in English articles are as English titles in Turkish articles.

Author names: Just below the main title, 12 nk over spaced, Times New Roman, 12 points, bold, surname capitalized, right aligned, single lined. Second, third…, authors should be listed one under another.  Author affiliations, title and address should be given in (*) footnotes; Times New Roman, 8 points.

Öz/Abstract: Only first letter of the titles should be capitalized, the titles should be bold. Should not exceed 200 words, should be written both in English and Turkish. Should include the purpose of the study, methods, scope and key findings. Times New Roman, 10 points, justified, single line spaced, 1,25 cm further narrowed from both sides (2,5 from both sides as in all paper and plus 1,25 from both sides for the abstract). Below each abstract texts, minimum of 3, maximum of 5 keywords should be listed.

Introduction: 2 lines after the last keywords, Times New Roman, 12 points, bold, left aligned, all with capital letters, 6 nk spaced below and without numbering.

Section Titles: Section titles should be numbered as 1.,2.,3.; sub-section titles as 1.1., 1.2. and 2.1.; third level titles should be as 1.1.1., .1.1.2. and 1.2.1. Section titles should with capital letters, Times New Roman, 12 points, bold, left aligned, 6 nk spaced below. Sub-section titles and third level differently should be only first letter of the words is capitalized; and for third level title should be italic. No further level is desired ( is not proper). (1. TITLE, 1.1. Title, 1.1.1. Title)

Main Text: Times New Roman, 12 points, single lined, paragraph spaced 6 nk over and below.

Footnotes: Times New Roman, 10 points, single lined.

Tables and figures: When quoted, source must be indicated below 4 characters spaced to left, Times New Roman, 10 points, single lined. Table/figure titles should be over or below, Times New Roman, 10 points, bold, single lined, left aligned, first letter of each word is capitalized. 12 nk spaced over when on top, below when under.

Citations: Authors may use in-text (APA) or footnote (Oxford) citation styles.

A note for APA: APA will be used with few differences:

  • when indication page numbers in citations, “p.” or “pp.” will not be used. (Timur, 2000: 76)
  • “&” will not be used in Turkish articles.
  • “et al.” will be used in all citations when citing three or more authors (Balabanis et al., 2001)

Reference List: APA will be used with few differences: authors will be seperated with ";", "&" will not be used in Turkish articles.